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“The bubble creator” Is no other than a programideal for the little ones from 8 years old. A totally secure adventure, where the maximum depth is 2mt. with perfect marine conditions. One to one teaching to guarantee the best security. Lasts ½ day.

Cost of PADI Courses: 60,00 €



The discovery of the exciting adventure of diving for the first time. For everyone, minimum age 10 years. The program consists of an interesting theoretical introduction on diving, then in shallow water you will learn simple but fundamental exercises, which will lead you to have more and more confidence with the water and the equipment. After the exercises, during the same dive, you will reach the maximum depth of 12 meters. It is here that you will feel like you are flying and feeling the new sensations that the world of diving gives us every time we dive. Here, in half a day you have obtained the first recognition in the world of diving. Congratulations !!!

Cost of PADI Courses: 80,00 €



It is a program created exclusively for those who do not have time, but want in any case to reach a licence valid all over the world, which can make it accompanied by an expert guide. Minimum age 10 years. In just 2 days you can obtain this licence that will allow you to dive at a recommended depth of 12 meters, always followed by a professional that you will find available in any PADI diving center around the world. The course consists of 1 confined water dive to complete the skills up to the scuba diver and 2 sea water dives the next day. The Blue sea diving strongly recommends to carry out the theory online (e. learning PADI) (ask for info) so as to focus in a short time all the part of the dives on the set days.

Cost of PADI Courses: 320,00 €



The licence that in a few days will allow you to assimilate the theoretical and practical notions, necessary to get into the heart of the world of diving. The licence is valid all over the world. The minimum age is 10 years. The program includes: 1 session in the pool to carry out all the skills in confined water and 4 sea dives (in 2 days) to complete the open water skills within 18 meters. Blue Sea diving strongly recommends carrying out the theory online, (e.learning PADI) (ask for info) to focus the practical part and have more time in the execution of some skills.

Cost of PADI Courses: 420,00 €



3 Adventure dives of your choice, among those proposed by Blue Sea diving, will proclaim Adventure diver.

Cost of PADI Courses: 290,00 €



The advanced course allows you to acquire skills as an advanced diver, reaching the maximum depth of 30 meters (maximum limit for recreational diving). 5 adventure dives including: deep dive (required), navigation dive with compass (required), fish identification, search and recovery, night dive, drift dive. Blue Sea diving strongly recommends doing online theory (e.learning) (ask for info) to focus on adventure dives on the chosen days. duration of the course from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 days.

Cost of PADI Courses: 390,00 €



It's a “dry” course open to divers ornon divers, where in only 2 days you will learn important lessons useful notonly with your diving but also in day to day living. Basic first aid, in case ofaccidents, how to value an emergency, activation of medical service and cardio pulmonary reanimation.

Cost of PADI Courses: 130,00 €



It's the course which enables you to enter the professional world of diving. You will learn to look further than yourself to anticipate safety preventing a variety of problems associated with diving. During the course you will learn, also review the skills of self-rescue learnt during the open water course.
1. to give help to a tired diver
2. to give help to a diver who is panicking
3. to give help to a diver from the shore and from the boat
4. to give help to a diver in difficulty under water
5. to help search for and recuperate a missing diver
6. to bring to the surface an unconscious diver from the sea floor
7. to bring to the surface an unconscious diver
8. to give first aid to a diver with PDD and give oxygen

Minimum age 15. Length of course. 5 days.

Cost of PADI Courses: 390,00 €