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Gorgonians S.Andrea (38-45 mt)

From the plateau in front of the 'Grotta Amato', we reach the enormous wall that, from 38 metres, shows us the expanse of enormous red and yellow gorgonia.


3 Levels Cave (40 mt)

Challenging cave dive with entrance at 20 me exit 36 m. Many shrimps, spirographs, forkbeards and lobsters can be seen. At the exit the beautiful wall of gorgonia can be reached up to 40 metres.


Vassallo Pinnacle (30 mt)

Huge rock system consisting of two pinnacles facing the bay of Capo Taormina. There are several interconnected caves full of shrimps. Possibility of exploring the pinnacles externally, encountering shoals of bream and barracuda by alternating the route inside these caves. minimum depth 30 metres.